Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Words for the Year

 When I was a young girl I loved picking a word from the dictionary and trying to include it in my vocabulary. So you see, I always have been fascinated with words. I think for the next year I will do something like that on Monday's. It isn't quite ironed out, but we will see where it leads us. Maybe we will all learn some new words for 2023. What fun we can have. Let's play a little.

 As many of you know each year I focus on a word. I have done this for 25 years when my first word was Patience. There have been many words since that time; some have made a huge impact on me and some have almost been forgotten. The word Joy probably brought me the most happiness and I have been tempted to bring it back at times. Grace was the word that surprised me. This year was Be and I wasn't sure where that would take me. I has been a reminder to me just to be satisfied with staying in place and not always saying "what's next". That is a hard one for me, as I am a planner and always love knowing what's coming next. I make lists. 

Yesterday I went to the market and realized my list just wasn't right, it was written before Christmas and many things I no longer needed. So I ditched the list and just let it be what it was, an adventure in shopping and finding delights on the market shelf. This isn't me, but I realized I needed to just let it BE and play a bit. What fun to come home with some things I wouldn't have put on my list. Not something I would recommend regularly, but for this day it brought me joy, a little chocolate, some lovely fruit, and several frozen prepared meals to make some days easier. Still learning to just BE in the moment.

 As we approach the end of the year I begin thinking about what I would like to focus on for the next year. The list was made and then another word came to me. It often surprises me when it makes an appearance. 

So for the coming year my word will be VOICE. It is a word I have thought of often in the past, but never was brave enough to grasp it. If you were sitting with me face to face you would know that I am a person of few words. I listen and take in what others say, but often don't say much. I say more in writing than with my voice.

Goal for my Voice:

Tell stories

Share Kindness and Love

Allow myself to be heard

Create opportunities to speak

Stand for Justice and Peace

VOICE is an active word, where BE was a quiet word (a stillness).

Do you pick a word for the year? or does it pick you for a season?

I have learned many things from my words over the years and love the challenge they give me. 

Sending you love, joy and happiness today and everyday.

Has someone given you a kind word this week?



Jeanie said...

Voice is a wonderful world with so many ways to move forward and look at the world and be IN the world a bit differently. I loved this!

Laura said...

i think that is a wonderful word and i look forward to seeing how it comes out for you through the coming year. i've been doing the woty for several years. this year's was create and it did not go nearly as well as i'd hoped. but...i persist. i thought i'd picked my word for 2023 last month, but another word (phrase, actually) keeps popping in my head, so i'm not sure yet!

happy new year!
love & magicks

Red Rose Alley said...

"Voice" is a good word, cause it gives us a chance to spread goodness to the world with our words. Our blogs our just the way for us to do that. I used to be outgoing when I was younger, but the older I get, I don't like to socialize too much, so I understand you being a person of few words. I hope you find ways to use your "VOICE" this year, Marilyn, and you really have already used it with your beautiful posts that we get to read every week.