Friday, June 2, 2023

Apple Blossom time on Sauvie Island


Whew! I started this post a month ago and just realized I hadn't shared. Maybe I was keeping it a secret?! Laughing! In some ways this place is my secret place, my peaceful place, the place that totally soothes and delights me. I know I have shared this place before, but once again I made it to see the blossoms and have a cup of tea with a dear friend at my side. We sipped tea from my new little cups and poured from a new teapot.

The blossoms always just make me smile. Apple blossoms have that beautiful pink blush. They remind me of the young girl I once was, dancing through my grandfather's apple orchard.

My grandfather always plowed up the weeds and grass below the trees; so going barefoot I felt the warm dusty soil between my toes. In this orchard they leave the grass, which I much prefer. It is the perfect place to sit awhile, feel the dampness as I walk through the grass, and not get covered in dirt. Now in my older self I can imagine I must have been a nightmare of dirt when it came to my mother's laundry time. I don't remember being bothered by the dirt though. I loved it.

Do you love the spring blossoms in your part of the world? Does this season bring hope and delight?

As you can see there was no one around. Rarely do I see more than a couple other people when I visit my secret apple orchard on Sauvie Island. Why is it, I wonder? Doesn't an adventure to the country and a special orchard not beckon to come, sit awhile, and dream dreams of adventures both far and near?

Come with me and we can talk of little things, sit in silence for awhile, laugh like there is no tomorrow and sip a cup of tea.
Happy weekend, dear friends!


Chakra Series said...

I love flowers. good luck :)

Lorrie said...

Apple blossoms are utterly charming. I always enjoy your posts about visiting the apple orchard. Such a lovely place to wander and then delight in a cup of tea.

Jeanie said...

Spring blossoms are really the TRUE sign of spring -- and these are fantastic. We used to have apple trees in our backyard, so these bring back very fond memories. I love that you were in your happy place with tea and a new pot and lovely grass on which to sit!

Red Rose Alley said...

Your apple orchard posts always delight me, Marilyn. There is nothing like a day spent at the apple orchards. Your photos of the apple blossoms are so pretty. Such a peaceful place to spend some time. It's nice to have a special secret place too, like you mentioned. ; )


Rosemary said...

Your photos are delightful, and your reminisces of your grandfathers orchards are lovely- the apple blossoms offer hope and joy for what is yet to come!