Friday, June 30, 2023

An Adventure at Ten



I was about the age of my grandson, 10 years old, when I loved exploring alone in a nearby woods. This week he and I went exploring near his home. We walked by the Frog Pond, stopped to check out the wild flowers, he climbed on a large boulder, and we viewed the big river below. The grass was flattened on the ground like the wild things had visited and rested there. We dreamed a little too and this is what I found:

Magic hidden below petals and mulch

A world I could not see

Yet I knew it was there

Stepping lightly through the trees

The ground springs beneath our feet

We must not disturb

Hidden from our eyes

Do you see it now?

Look closely

Use your senses

Put your ear to the ground

Listen with an open heart

Imagination is there to delight

Breathe deeply

Savor with your eyes

Discoveries are yet to come

Return with a smile on your face



I would dream of fairies and gnomes hiding just out of view. I am sure they were there peeking out at us. I would always return with a smile on my face and peace in my heart because it was an adventure this girl at a young age could do by herself. A place of discovery. I must admit a bit selfishly, my sister couldn't go there because of the poison oak. I seemed to be immune to it, but if it was just in the air she would break out in a rash. So it was my own secret adventure.

Do you sometimes imagine magic hiding nearby in nature? The magic is there to discover and delight if only we "notice what we notice".

Happy Fourth of July weekend, dear friends!

Have a weekend of discoveries and delights.


Red Rose Alley said...

What a nice adventure you had with your grandson, Marilyn. And I loved hearing about the stories of your youth when you explored the nearby woods with the frog pond and the wild flowers and the river. I remember us neighborhood kids going to the fields close to my house and building dirt forts and staying out there much of the afternoon exploring and having fun until my mom called me in for supper. It was a memorable time. This is a sweet picture of your grandson.

Happy 4th, Marilyn!


Jeanie said...

I love that you did this together. You have the best adventures with D! And I also love that because your sister couldn't go there, it was your special place. How wonderful. That opening photo -- wow. I love it!