Monday, June 12, 2023

Word Magic


Word for the week: Thalassophile
 Definition: someone who loves ocean and finds thrill, calm and peace being close to ocean, a lover of the sea.
Scrolling through my photographs I can easily find pictures of the sea in it's most wonderful varieties and views.
I could easily live right here by the sea.
After all, I am a water girl, a Pisces at heart.
Years ago I lived in Kansas for a few years.
It wasn't a good fit, as I needed to be by the sea.
When I told my husband's employer I needed to be near the ocean, he suggested I go see their lake nearby. He didn't understand. A man made lake in the middle of a cow pasture wasn't going to do it for me. Eventually I moved back to the west coast and can reach the seashore in one hour. That satisfied my need to be close enough to go at a moments notice.
Growing up I was always within one hour of the sea.
My young self loved going with friends to swim, walk, play, and nap on the warm sand.
I adored it then and I adore it now.
Is there somewhere that does that for you?
Is it the sea, the mountains, a lake?
Where does your hearts desire lead you?
I hope this week you can be in a place that satisfies your soul.
Happy week, dear friends!



Sandi Magle said...

I'm a midwest girl, and this weekend was the first back to my hometown since September. Our first stop was driving down to the beach on Lake Michigan, then all the way along the lakefront to my grandmother's old home. Honestly, we only live 18 miles away from Lake Michigan in Illinois---but the lakefront is all private, and it's not the same as breathing in the water from my hometown.
I guess I am a lover of 'Michigami'...or lover of 'Great Waters', as the Ojibway described it.
I loved this post..I too, am a Pisces...and from a long line of fisherman at least 7 generations.

Red Rose Alley said...

Such lovely ocean photos, Marilyn. This is a good word for you, as you love the ocean so much. You have many good memories growing up with your friends and spending time at the sea. The way you feel about the ocean is how I feel about the mountains. It is nature all around, tall pine trees, pinecones, deer passing by, and there's just a smell that tells you, "we are in the mountains now." : )


Rosemary said...

Living on the east coast, I am about 3 hours from the shore. It calls me, but I don't get there as often as I would like. Several years ago, we stayed in an old (think 1950s) hotel just a block from the Boardwalk. It was a step back in time, and took me to my youth. When we were growing up, my family and another family with kids our ages, would rent a cottage at the beach for a week. It was a memorable time, and perhaps why the beach calls me - a gentle reminder of days gone by.

Jeanie said...

Well, you know my happy place is the lake. But I do love the ocean and the Big Water, though I rarely get to see it. I learned a new word today!

Terra said...

I understand your love for the sea; I spent half my life in the midwest and grew up in a house on a cliff overlooking the large and ever changing Lake Michigan, and the second half of my life I live on the west coast and continue my love of water by living a short walk to the ocean. It is so calming and spirit lifting to walk along the shore, I agree.