Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Icy Dark calls for Tea

January Night

Wind has buckled on his skates;
He is cutting figure eights.
Hear the swishing of his strides
As down he swoops and up he glides
Across the smooth and icy dark
Where his runners leave no mark.
Hear his huge and hearty laughter!
See his white scarf swirling after!
Wind has buckled on his skates;
He is cutting figure eights!

~Kitchen Sonnets, by Ethel Romig Fuller

Can you just image this ice skater with his white scarf flying, swirling in the wind?
Such imagery in just a few words.
There is an "icy dark" that surround us in the midst of winter. 
To tell you the truth, I am tired of it now.
It is beautiful for awhile, but then it can go away.
Today we are expecting a layer of ice added to our snow.
There is hope for tomorrow,
as it is suppose to begin warming.
Then there will be an abundance of water.

Are you tired of hearing me complain and share pictures of the white stuff?
I am!!!!

There is a pot of tea sitting here and I am sipping to sooth my soul.
In my cup is Steven Smith Teamaker's limited edition Wuyi Whiskey full leaf black tea.
It is a robust tea, just the thing called for on an icy day.
"A delicate, full leaf black tea smoked with pine needles, then scented
in a Westward Whisky barrel to impart oak, caramelized sugar and bright notes
of whiskey."    Normally I don't add a splash of milk, but this one I think is
made all the more special with the milk.  Quite perfect for the "icy dark".      


Jeanie said...

Marilyn, now you know a bit of what we go through, only ours is generally at least three-four months long! But no one can deny it's beauty and I do love the poem you chose. It's very visual and yes, I can see it!

Lorrie said...

The weather has definitely changed here - now it's dark, dreary rain! The poem has some great imagery and the tea sounds lovely.