Thursday, January 12, 2017

Tea Delight Forgotten and Found

Tea time in the snow doesn't happen often in my part of the world.
What fun to make a trail to the tea table in the garden.
It was time to play in my sort of way.
The snow wasn't very good for snowmen,
but for tea time it was perfect!
Gingerbread cookies from the freezer were the added delight.
Then there was tea.
The tea was from Harney & Sons, Thurbo 2nd flush Darjeeling.

My haiku for the day

Oh little tea tin,
I forgot you were in there.
Revealed, Delicious!

Yes, I forgot I had this tea. 
It got buried in my basket of tea.
What a treat to sip a lovely Darjeeling in the midst of the snow. 
A black tea so simple with just the delight of springtime from India.
A gift of the sun.

Now if only I could find the lid to my teapot,
it is lost in the snow.


Unknown said...

What a lovely presentation of having Tea in the snow. Surprisingly it looks quite inviting. You can just imagine the warmth of the tea against the cold crisp weather. Hope you find the lid to your pretty teapot.

Joy B said...

Your snow pictures are so pretty! We had snow this past weekend but I drank my tea indoors while I watched the snow. Too cold for this gal to go out. Sunday morning was -5, which is very rare for our part of the world! (north Georgia) Hope you find the lid soon. :-)

Rosemary said...

oh.... looking at those snowy pictures has given me a chill! Time for tea!

Tracy said...

Sooo LOVELY--a snow tea time! These photos are magical, Marilyn... LOVE!! :))) ((HUGS))

Lorrie said...

A snow tea would be a delightful thing, as you've shown. But I don't think I'd want to linger and sit on those snowy chairs for too long!

Jeanie said...

A snow tea! I love it! You have more snow than we do. The table is beautiful -- is D loving it?

Here's a question Tea Guru -- how long can one keep tea? Does it lose its potency after a year or six? I am so overloaded on tea I don't even know where to store it anymore and some is very old. Should I just say goodbye?

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How pretty! You are brave to set up your tea time in the snow but it sure looks magical! Hugs!