Friday, January 27, 2017

New Growth with Kindness

 Can you see them?
There is new growth in the garden.
Daffodils will soon abound and delight.
 How did they know to come out and shine.
So recently there was a foot of snow covering them in a blanket of white.
Yet, here is pink hellebore in the garden to delight.
 Grape hyacinths peeking through the Autumn leaves.
 Crocus too!

Are you listening and noticing this time of new beginnings?
Do you sit in silence and send prayers and love to those around you?
How are we growing under a blanket so dark?
Surround yourself with those you love,
send prayers to your country and neighbors and friends,
share with others even if it is a kind word or a meal,
send glimmers of sunshine with a bouquet of flowers
or a cup of tea.
What other ways can I add to this list?
Simple things can change someone's world.

Let our lights shine with kindness and delight.
HAPPY WEEKEND, dear friends!


Sandra Cox said...

What a lovely harbinger of spring and hope.

Jeanie said...

This is SO nice to see -- we just got a snow dump! Happy dreaming of spring!

Angela McRae said...

Oh, bless you, I don't see the word "kindness" nearly often enough these days! But I'm determined to be light and not darkness in this world, and yes, I am trying to pray for those around me ... and my country ... and maybe, little by little, I can help make a difference.

Rosemary said...

This post makes me want to run out to the garden to see if we have anything poking its head above ground... but I know your garden is ahead of us, and will simply stay in my warm house for the moment. Must wait a few more weeks until the plants will start to awaken.