Monday, January 23, 2017

Walk with Me - Warning Political

 Delights of the Heart is about being positive
and noticing the small JOY's of life.
If this offends you, I am sorry;
but for me this was a positive, life affirming walk.
 How else can I see it, for I was given the opportunity to walk
for the rights for all women around the world.
We came from every walk of life and gathered in peaceful 
demonstration for what we believe in.
 The day was rainy, but still close to 100,000 gathered
in Portland, Oregon to voice peacefully and with love.

And yes, some of us wore pink hats to make a point
and carried signs.
My sign came from the poem I quoted here not to long ago,
I Rise.  On the other side it said Be the Light.
 Many stood under that bridge for over an hour waiting to start.
I was thankful to be able to stay dry during that time.
And then it began.
When we came out from under the bridge and looked up
it was amazing to see how many stood above us too.
I was so impressed by those that walked.
We were surrounded by love and only good will.
 They were everywhere.

 One of the sights I walked past in downtown Portland.
In the back ground you can see the throngs and
behind me were as many as in front of me.
 There were touches of pink everywhere you looked.
Men walked with their friends and partners.
Families and children walked.
Grandma's and grandpa's walked.
We all walked in one accord,
to make our world a better place.
And even this seal had something to say with his pink hat on.
Walking definitely takes us to different places
and many amazing sights.
Walking is part of my world now
and I will continue to walk.


Elaine, The TeaLady said...

Love this Marilyn. It touched my heart.

Lisa said...

I walked in Sacramento for many of the same reasons as you, and I was thrilled to do it! What a beautiful, positive, uplifting feeling to know, and see with your own eyes SO many people coming together to stand up for what's right and make our voices heard! Thank you for posting this, have an amazing day!

Rosemary said...

Thank you, Marilyn, for walking, and standing up for women's rights. What an amazing statement made that day, not just in the United States, but around the world. May our voices continue to be heard.

Janet Eiffel said...

Just want to say Thank You

Rainy said...

Marilyn thank you for marching! I couldn't go to the LA March for several reasons but I will be at future marches and more importantly, I will be taking action every day to further the rights of women, and insure a peaceful, HEALTHY future for our kids and grandkids. <3

Tracy said...

WOW... so many, and for such good! You sign is beautiful and so was your participation in the march! It's been amazing to see how many marches/protests there were--all around the world too! It's going to be a bumpy ride for a while, but if we're all in it together, we've got a chance! ;) If we want something else, we have to keep being the light of what what want/need. Be the light... I love that! ((HUGS))

Curtains in My Tree said...

I am for women's rights. However all I seen out of the nasty women's march was hatred for the new president and wanting to keep the murdering abortion law available to women who screw around and get pregnant then run for an abortion, saying it's OUR BODY ,well then take care of it instead of a government paid agency taking care of your mistakes.

They need birth control all the Nasty women

I found the march discussing nothing I would have been a part of.

this was not a christian woman's idea of a march for women

first time I ever expressed my view online

I believe in equal pay for women


Curtains in My Tree said...

Someone tell me what is so beautiful about keeping abortion available for birth control, whats with all the hugs and kisses about this march? Also the nasty mouthed Hollywood people

Did I miss something about what this was about?

Marilyn Miller said...

My response:

So sorry you feel that the Women's March was just about abortion. I am a Christian woman too. Yes, there were some women that were there about abortion, but it was sooo much more than that. It was about the right of all human beings to have an equal chance/choice and respect for life. It was about women being treated with respect and equality. It was about not building walls, but breaking them down. It was about loving your neighbor as God taught us to do. I hope your God has taught you to love all human beings no matter if they are rich or poor, gay/lesbian/bi or straight, black, brown, red, or white humans (people of all colors, religions, and genders); for that is what my God has taught me and I am not seeing that in so many in office right now.

I agree if I was facing an abortion I am not sure I could do it, but it is the right of each woman to make that choice. So many Christians don't understand that each woman's story is different. If a woman that knows their baby will be born deformed or the pregnancy is jeopardizing her life and would give it up for adoption, would a Christian adopt it? We should not be so quick to judge.

Yes, I do think you missed something. Remember to love your neighbor, no matter who that is; for that is what God and Jesus taught us to do.

Thanks for your comments. Please give this more thought. You and I are fortunate that we are white women with privilege, but not all women have the privileges we have.

With love,
Delights of the Heart

Curtains in My Tree said...

Evidently the March In Portland was for a totally different expression than the Washington DC march of the vulgar mouthed women who wants to keep abortion free through government paid Planned Parenthood agencies. The news media expressed this was the man reason of course they are mad a republican is in office now also.

I believe any woman doing the same job as a man should get should get paid same as.

I don't think it has anything to do with being a white woman in the USA lots well educated different nationally women here.

It's going to take lots prayers and acceptance to heal our nation

And why now ? hasn't this nation always every 8 years gone back and fort from a Democrat president to a Republican president?

Happy tea time girls love you all and this is first time I have aired my views

Tracy said...

This is such an incredible topic, I had to revisit here... And I've very much feeling/thinking along the same lines as your are, Marilyn. I, too, am a Christian woman, Catholic, and I am very much against abortion and contraception usage, etc. And I don't think much of the bad behavior of the famous, nor some of the antics of the not so famous. But I feel like this has to go beyond any one group, any one belief, and be about us gathering as a body, as a voice, for all in LOVE. Yes, very much love thy neighbor--let us love thy neighbor... in spite of differences, in spite of what we see as wrong. Something I found very endearing about a lot of the marches happening, was men and children joining in along with their womenfolk in support. How beautiful! Jesus gave us the parh of love to walk with Him. How sad He must feel, seeing what's happening among us. Let us stop hurting, and stop hurting each other. Let us we keep embracing love, reaching out in love, and not forget our neighbor has her/his own cross to bear, just as much as we do. Let us march forward with pure love in mind... ((HUGS))

Jeanie said...

Oh Marilyn, this looks terrific. Had I been home I would have walked in the one here -- I think they said 10,000 although who can tell with a crowd. No one had a clicker. The discussion here is interesting. Yes, I agree with you and with Tracy. It is more about any one issue -- it was about many issues and some of them conflicted. But it was mostly about civility, love, respect, human rights. I'm sad that this message wasn't conveyed as well as it might have been to all but my hope is that the impact will continue to make a difference.

Rainy said...

The "nasty vulgar" Women's March (really?) was not merely a march about reproductive choice, though people are certainly welcome to dismiss it as such if they like.

It was a March in support of women, their rights, their lives, and their futures. Period. There were women marching in support of reproductive choice. There were women marching in support of a pro-birth agenda (I'm sorry I can't call it pro-life because the agenda does not seem to extend to feeding, caring for, or insuring any kind of decent life for these babies once they are born). There were indigenous women marching, women of color marching, there were privileged white women marching, there were trans women marching.

The march could have been more inclusive, more intersectional, better. But it was a good start. White feminism has a long way to go but I believe we are getting there, I believe we are learning, we will do better.

These women were marching so that all women, pro-choice, pro-birth, Republican, Democrat, and Green, white, of color, cis or trans, do not lose the rights they have fought so hard for and to put the President and our elected officials in Congress and the Senate on notice about that.

We were serving notice that women are HERE. Visible. And voting. Buckle up, Buttercup, we're not going to go away.