Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Tea Party Whimsy

 Have you ever had a tea party in the snow?
Last week in The Oregonian newspaper one of my favorite comics
featured a "tee pahrtee".
I must agree, it would be too cold; but it is fun to play with tea things in the snow.
There is a stillness
Snow blankets us in white fluff
We are warmed by tea
~haiku by me

Just enjoy your surrounding whether the sun is blazing hot
or you are covered in a blanket of snow.
Weather determines whether it be cold or hot tea to delight us.
Always just ENJOY!


Michele said...

Oh, Marilyn, what a gorgeous picture. And I love your poem.

Quick question - do you have the original of this pic? What is its pixel size? I have an idea but it would take the largest of its size to do.

Maybe write me and let me know?

Thanks. Hope I'm not being too mysterious, just if this works it could be kinda neat.


Jeanie said...

A noble idea and a fabulous photo. But I'll take my tea inside, please!

Joy said...

Cute comic and lovely photo! But I stay inside when it snows.

Laurie said...

My tea here would by ice tea by the time I got to the side yard! Beautiful photo Marilyn, but I think I'll have mine in my comfy chair by the window where the sun is shining in!

Angela McRae said...

What a cute cartoon! And oh, how I long for some snow ... but today I noticed the jonquils and hyacinths are already coming up, so I'm guessing that's a "no" for me this year!

Rosemary said...

Cute cartoon! Beautiful snowy scene. We still haven't had any snow this winter... waiting patiently!