Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time often begins a story.
Do you know what is written there?
Can you hardly wait to have the story unfold before your very eyes
and tug at your heart and soul?
There was Goldilocks and Alice and, oh yes, there was Peter Pan too.
Fantasies enchant me, they take me to dream land.
To dream a dream of little mice who talk
or maybe of fish that go to school.
When opening a book, I am enchanted.
Thoughts, prayers, and delights fly from the pages.
They sing to my heart.
My imagination soars.

So when Seth came to visit me a couple years ago,
he is the carrier of my yearly words,
I knew eventually he would need a friend.
Recently along the trail he found Jane.
Jane dances in her tutu and Seth was transfixed.
And the story unfolds from out of the pages of my book.
 They found that beside dancing and walking along the trail,
they loved to sip tea; of course you knew they would.
Seth invited Jane to share afternoon tea with him at his table.
 There were cakes to delight and a delicious pot of pine needle tea.
 They shared stories of adventures both near and far
and agreed that from time to time they must meet again for tea.
Then it was time for them to part and Seth scurried down the trail,
for he had more stories to gather in his pack to share over tea once again.
This is my story of Seth and Jane.
They may come to tell more stories once again,
but in the meantime there are stories yet untold.
Let us all join them on the trail and continue to walk
for stories are worth sharing the next time we gather for tea.


Joy B said...

Seth and Jane are adorable, I'm glad you shared their story with us.

Mary said...

Oh they are so lovely and the story so sweet. I must get my mice out again "Mary & Bob" - they've been hibernating for some time - or perhaps far away on worldly adventures?

Happy New Year to you all.
Mary x

Jeanie said...

This is simply precious. I'm guessing you have told Seth and Jane's story to D -- or will if you haven't already! Yes, this is an enchantment!

Barbara said...

I love your whimsy!