Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Weakness for Flowers

Time for some JOY.

As a young girl, I loved flowers.
I am not sure where that love came from,
but I would pick bouquets of dandelions
because often that was what I could find in the garden.
Now dandelions are under rated for sure
and really quite wonderful you know;
especially when a little child brings a bouquet to someone special.

I just have never found a flower I don't like.
There was a time when I wasn't very impressed
with calla lily's and now I have a patch in my garden
and adore them.

Do you love flowers?

I must have flowers in my house at all times.
So above, the flowers in the pictures, is what is in my house right now.
I just couldn't resist photographing them as they just sing to my heart.
The pink ranunculus was in a full bouquet from the market.
It is the remaining bloom after more than two weeks.
The tulip is from the market just a week ago. 
And two vases are full of paperwhite bulbs since before Christmas.

Are there flowers in your indoor garden, even in your heart?
They just make a winter heart so happy and lighten the day.


Joy B said...

I do love flowers - any and all! Your photos of flowers are always beautiful, and these are no exception.

Anonymous said...

My daughter in law loves to buy flowers and display them on their dining room table. She lets her little daughter have a few flowers of her own to display. I always think it looks so pretty. Your flowers are beautiful. I need to start buying some for my home to enjoy.

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

So cheery and beautiful! Just what we need in January. Market flowers are always priced so reasonably too!

Jeanie said...

I don't think I've ever met a flower I didn't like either. Certainly some more than others (ranunculus being a favorite along with hydrangea, zinnia and sweet pea!). How lovely to see these today -- I can see why they bring you joy.

Lorrie said...

Flowers bring such colour and freshness into any room. I do love them. Enjoy the pretty scent and colours.

Tracy said...

Oooo... such lovely, soft, dreamy images, Marilyn...just love these! I love flowers too, and have for a long time. I don't recall being interested in flowers or gardening much as a child, though. I like a real love and affinity for flowers and gardening came as an adult, having my own home, etc. Our garden outsides is in winter slumber right now. At the moment we have very few indoor plants. A lone phalaenopsis orchid. I'd like to get another something or two to brighten the indoors a bit extra! ;) Some paperwhites would be lovely... Happy Days ((HUGS))