Monday, January 9, 2017

Walk with Me - Gym

 Right now there is ice on the ground.
It is very cold in my part of the world.
Walking is taking place inside the gym.
Can you read the back of my shirt?
I love wearing it to the gym,
it does get a smile or two.
"I like my tea loose"
I am thankful that I have supplemental medicare 
that encourages wellness by paying for my gym membership.
What a wise decision on their part,
as I feel so good being able to walk in the winter cold months inside.
I love that I know I can walk a mile in 20 minutes and
that it helps me feel good and stay fit.

There will be prettier places in the future to walk,
but in the snow, rain, and ice, I am walking at the gym.


Jeanie said...

Good for you, Marilyn! What a good thing you have your membership paid for. That's an unbelievable benefit!

Mary said...

Great pix Marilyn! I feel guilty not using my complimentary membership too - must try to make time for that.

Can't get out yet - have been icebound for three days now and it's so cold nothing is melting, the roads are treacherous.

Mary x

Tracy said...

Hooray, matter the place, some walking is better than no walking, right?! And I LOVE your t-shirt--such fun! ((HUGS))

Rosemary said...

If only I could be as motivated as you are! Being quite lazy this month!