Tuesday, October 2, 2018

A Visit to an Island

What island did you think? Hawaii, maybe!
But no! Last week I visited Whidbey Island with my "live-in gardener", a part of Washington State.
Primarily the stay took place in the south of the island, in and around Langley, WA.
 To get there we caught the ferry in Port Townsend.
Do you see the island in the distance?
  We were staying in a sweet AirBnB cottage with a garden
and trees all around.
One morning I actually got up just after 6AM, wrapped in a cozy blanket,
and sat out on the deck watching quietly for deer, birds, maybe an owl, or a coyote.
Not one was seen and I was disappointed,
but how I loved seeing the sun come up between the trees.
The quiet of the early morning was so amazing.
We were only there two nights, a very mini-vacation.
 We explored and found this beach full of driftwood.
It was a perfect sunshiny (blue sky) day.
The perfect kind of day to be out walking on the beach.
 We stopped for lunch at the Flower House Cafe.
Not very often do I recommend a restaurant here, but I must say
everything on the menu sounded delicious.
I brought the menu home, so I can try to replicate some of the combinations
of food. Even their scones were amazing the next morning.
My sandwich was on toasted sourdough bread with
roasted chicken, pickled currants, red onion and celery salad with
walnuts, apples and greens. It was all very fresh too.
My "live-in gardener" had smoked salmon, whipped goat cheese, pickled shallots,
basil oil and micro herbs on grilled whole grain baguette.
Thought you would like to know the ingredients to inspire a new sandwich too.
 And since it was the Flower House Cafe it was located at
a flower nursery, www.bayviewfarmandgarden.com.
 We loved strolling through the nursery and found several plants we were tempted to bring home.
I wrote down the names of the ones we loved and will look locally for them.
Isn't this arch gorgeous?
I guess it has clusters of yellow flowers that hang inside earlier in the season.
 Apples from the nursery tree were rolling on the ground
and ready to be picked.
 Later we strolled through the town of Langley and watched the sun set over the water.
 The chocolate rooster statue stood outside of the chocolate shop.
 Of course I had to have my picture taken to prove
I really am a butterfly or an angel.
 Then all to quickly it was time to fly away
or maybe we hopped another ferry and headed to Seattle for some tea.
Isn't the clouds and sunrise lovely from the ferry?
It was a very little respite, but much enjoyed.


Lorrie said...

What a sweet little getaway! We were in Port Townsend, once, a long time ago. I always enjoy seeing the driftwood piled high on the beaches.

mamasmercantile said...

What a wonderful break away. The sandwich fillers were an inspiration, something really different to make a change.

Adrienne said...

I've always loved Whidbey Island. Now I'm about ready to take off and head that direction! Your words and photos are wonderful and I'm so glad you enjoyed your island getaway.

Red Rose Alley said...

These are wonderful pictures of the island, Marilyn. The last one of the clouds is beautiful. That is a cool picture of the arch, and a delightful one of you with the angel wings. I want to take a bite of that chocolate rooster haha.