Thursday, October 4, 2018

Grandpa Style Tea

Well we have talked about British and American styles of making tea,
now the third in the occasional series is Grandpa Style.
Bet you didn't know that was a style of making tea.
Grandpa style is much the way you see in the picture. 
The water is added throughout the day for a constant source of tea.
Very simple.

My "live-in gardener" observed this when he traveled on the train in China in 1986.
The name "grandpa style" hadn't been coined then, but ultimately this is where it came from.
The loose tea is tossed in a jar and hot water is added throughout the day.
I understand that on the train they would come through with a kettle of hot water
to do just that, replenish the tea with water.
I believe the "grandpa style" titled was coined fairly recently, possibly by bloggers. 
The below link had quite alot of information on this style of sipping tea
and rather than repeating the information you can visit there for more details.

Do you ever sip tea "grandpa style"?


Red Rose Alley said...

That's interesting, Marilyn. No, never had grandpa style tea. Your pictures are always enchanting. : )


La Tea Dah said...

How interesting! I have never heard of Grandpa-style of tea service. This is a great idea! Thank you for a helpful blog post!

Tracy said...

Wow... I'd never heard of this style of tea either! It is actually a good idea... But wouldn't the tea leaves be really exhausted by the end of the day and maybe not so nice to drink? Still very good way to use, reuse and recycle... haha! ;) When I think of all the tea I drink during a day... this way of using less could be interesting to try! Thanks you for sharing about this, Marilyn... And I just love how your images are such a beautiful part of your story-telling. Happy Weekend ((HUGS))