Thursday, October 18, 2018

Beauty in a Cup!

 Autumn has been amazingly beautiful here in Portland, Oregon this year.
Recently I ventured out to Lan Su Chinese Gardens for
some time of quiet reflection  and a sip of tea.
I loved how the surroundings reflected in the cup of tea.
What beauty surrounded me.
And that sesame ball, ohhhhhh delicious!!
 As I walked I noticed what I noticed.
Flowers around every corner.
 Don't you just love this time of year when there is a crispness in the air
and blue skies up above?
 The colors of the chrysanthemums just delight me.
Pomegranates and persimmons start showing up in the market and I can't resist.
Oh the colors and flavors!  Amazing!

This was an artist date just for me.
Have you read The Artist Way by Julie Cameron?
In the past I have read it twice, but recently I was reminded
I still need artists dates.
Times that inspire me and delight my soul.
Time away and time for just me.
It heals my heart
and encourages me in so many ways.
Isn't it funny how we get so caught in in life
we forget to take time for ourselves?
I am trying to do that.

So happy to share it with you,
a day away!

Since I will be away tomorrow,
Happy Weekend, dear friends!


mamasmercantile said...

Hope you have a wonderful weekend away.

Red Rose Alley said...

Artists dates, I like that. I love to see Mums this time of year, and the orange ones even better. What a nice day you had at the Chinese Gardens, Marilyn. Now, I'm wondering what that sesame ball is all about? Is it sweet or salty?


Angela McRae said...

I loved "The Artist's Way" and probably need to read it again! It was one of the first writerly books I ever recall reading (outside of journalism textbooks), and it greatly influenced me. To this day, I stay clear of "crazymakers" and am so thankful I learned that term from her. I think Julia Cameron would be so pleased with your beautiful photo showing the reflected surroundings in your teacup. How profound and symbolic!

Tracy said...

LOVED this tea and garden walk with you, Marilyn! Such a beautiful place. I've worked through The Artist Way twice in times past. It is a great tool for anyone at all stages of a creative journey, and an nice for a refresher when needed.I could probably do with walking the Way again too! I feel like creativity is part of may daily life--even in small ways. But I do like something with a bit of formality and ritual about it. I find ritual stirs up the senses. :) ((HUGS))

Mary said...

My favorite place in Portland - other than your house!!!!!!