Thursday, October 11, 2018

One Little Boy at Teatime

Not exactly a princess tea time,
for me there is one little boy to share tea with.
So we started out when he was just tike.
At 2 years old we shared tea time in his cottage.
Oh what fun we had!
And then there were times when at his little table we sat
as he learned to nibble cookies and pour the tea.
Then the day came when we sat in the garden
and honored the Mad Hatter with tea time.
Several hats were tried.
Tea was poured.
 Then during the winter we had a Harry Potter teatime too.

 He is getting older now, so off to the Lan Su Chinese Garden
where we sipped flowers in the teapot.
According to parents desires, the tea is herbal in the pot.
In the pink wings and cowboy hat below he is serving tea to a friend.
And this takes place as he is 5 years old.
He is learning to appreciate tea time with Mimi.
Each year it becomes so precious to me to celebrate with tea and 
my special "D" over tea.
This last celebration was to celebrate starting kindergarten soon.

So tell me this!
Why is it so often about little girls having tea parties
and not the boys?

Yes, he loves playing like a boy and being adventurous too;
but tea parties for little boys can bring out a whole different side of him.
It can be a time of teaching, but also celebration,
or just savoring the day over a cup of tea.


mamasmercantile said...

The fun you must have had, it was a joy to visit and enjoy the different tea time themes.

Lorrie said...

Little boys love tea parties just as much as girls do, I've found.

Bernideen said...

That brings back memories to me of my Grandson (who is now a senior in high school) playing teatime at the play table in my store. Time flies - enjoy! He's a keeper!

Joy said...

How wonderful that you've shared tea times with your grandson! I hope to do the same with mine (he's 1 year old now) as I have with his sweet sister.

Red Rose Alley said...

This is a very special post, Marilyn. It was nice to see your grandson at different ages having a tea party with you. Jess would have loved the Mad Hatter one, and Nel would have loved the Harry Potter one. That is the cutest picture of you serving tea with the flamingos. A picture to be framed for sure!