Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Aurora Colony Quilt Show

 Every once in the while the Aurora Colony Museum here in Oregon
calls to me to come and visit;
so when I saw they were having their annual quilt show I had to go.
I always love imagining living in Emma's house on the grounds.
Wouldn't it be fun to sit there with a cup of tea and a friend to watch the world go by?
 The theme this year was Stars!
 What I loved seeing was all the variations on the theme.
But even more than that, I loved feeling wrapped in the love of these beautiful quilts.
 It isn't a large museum, just the size I can really savor for awhile.
 I  kind of like them all close together.
It just fills my senses and my heart.
 Though I loved them all this one was my favorite.
Wondering if it was the inclusion of the flowers with the giant star.

 The blue squares were the submissions from local quilters.
Each year after the theme is chosen quilters can submit a square
and the top 24 are selected by a panel to be made into a quilt.
One year I submit a Sunbonnet Sue for that year's theme
and even though I am not a regular quilter my square got selected for the quilt.
It was fun to see it in the final quilt.

 After viewing the quilts I took a stroll through the grounds.
There is alot of Oregon Trail history in this museum
and for awhile I love imagining a different time.
The local herb society cares for the herb garden
and it was fun to chat with one of the women involved.
I came home with a natural herbal salve, which
helped to heal the remainder of some sun damage I had from the summer sun.
Do you search out small museums and quilt shows?
If you ever come to Oregon I would love taking you here.
Aurora Colony was originally settled by a religious sect.
Jane Kirkpatrick has written some wonderful historic fiction
on people that settled this community.

Hope you are having a good week, dear friends!


The Victorian Girl said...

That looks like a great quilt show! Those are the best sometimes as it's just about the quilts and not about making a big profit A friend gave me a book on Aurora Colony and I found it fascinating. I would love to go there someday.

mamasmercantile said...

You took us on a fantastic tour, such a feast for the eyes. The quilts were a delight to see, beautiful.

Tracy said...

Oooo... what JOY this was, Marilyn! I just LOVE quilts... and what magnificent beauties all of these! I would loved to have gone along with you to this! I don't get to quilt shows often, as there aren't many around here. But I do enjoy specialty/small museums or anything off the beaten path... and anything to do with textiles. ;) Thanks, as always, for taking us along! ((HUGS))

Adrienne said...

Looking back and enjoying the tour of the museum's incredible quilt display. I didn't make it there this year so I really enjoyed this post. Thanks for sharing your day at the museum with us.