Friday, October 26, 2018

Tea with Konishi-san

Drinking tea with Konishi-san is always a treat for me.
So this week I was off to Jasmine Pearl teashop to sip.
Most of his teas are green, which isn't my go to teas;
but I must say they were good ones.
What came home with me was a twig oolong, which is quite good.
A twig tea means they included some of the twigs from the tea plant in the process
and not just the leaf, which is the usual process.
I do love a good oolong and had never had one from a farm in Japan.
Konishi-san is the farmer that comes to Portland each October to share his tea with us.
What a treat to sip tea with the farmer.

Have a very special weekend, dear friends!
Hope you have opportunity to sip tea whether sitting in your favorite chair 
or in a place least expected. I am off to sip tea with a friend today.


Mary said...

How divine to share tea with this gentleman who comes all the way from his lovely country of Japan!
I'd never heard of twig tea - but this afternoon I enjoyed a cup of Empress Grey with a little piece of birthday cake, haha!!!!

Thanks for the lovely greeting Marilyn - it is so ME and I love it.

Hugs - Mary

Lorrie said...

What a special tea outing. It's great to meet the people who provide us with the things we enjoy.

Laurie said...

I wish we had good tea parlors here, there used to be one 3 hours north but it closed. Maybe again one day!