Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Garden at the Fort

Just a few days ago a friend and I decided to take an Autumn walk.
I wanted to see this garden along the way; so we walked here at Fort Vancouver.
Fort Vancouver is part of a National Park and just across the Columbia River from me.
I guess being so close I often forget to stop and enjoy the beauty of this place.
The garden is outside the fort wall, right where the original garden stood many years ago.

The garden has been made true to historic information.
There is also a fruit orchard nearby.
Big bumble bees were enjoying the garden too.
Though you can't see in this picture, Mt. Hood was back there by the two big trees.
It was a beautiful day!
In the basket were freshly picked green beans.
Tobacco was also grown in the garden.
Flowers and the fort wall delighted my heart.

How special to have this garden open to the public.
While I was standing here a group of school children walked through.
Farewell sweet garden, until I come again.
I will try not to be so long in coming.
If you visit in my part of the world definitely put Fort Vancouver
and the garden on your list.

Happy Unity Day: Kindness, Acceptance, Inclusion
Take someone for a walk today.


Parisbreakfasts said...

Oregon is a-mazing!
I have never been...

Mary said...

Just look at the brilliant blue sky, walking there must've been so lovely.