Friday, December 11, 2020

A Visit to my Home

Well we need a bit of music when viewing Christmas.

Our creche has been with us since my children were small. Handmade by someone in my church. What I love are the brown faces and simple story of the Christ child.
It sits in the alcove as you enter my home.
If you have followed me for awhile you know I love flowers and nature. My husband and I recently visited a Christmas tree farm, not to get a tree, but just to gather some greens and a wreath for the house. Then from Trader Joe's I added red roses. If you look closely there is one rose that is not red. That is the last rose from our garden at center stage. I love this in my bedroom.
Here is the bedroom. I love the morning light. On the trunk behind the bed is another rose and greens.
They just make my heart happy.

Now we move to the dining room. Here is the wreath at the center of the table. Last Sunday we had teatime just for the three of us in the family. It was peppermint tea with trout sandwich, sausage roll, egg salad sandwich, sweets of Dundee cake, macarons, dried fruit and candied pecans. I think the guys in my house liked it, afterall it was food.
Another gathering of Christmas characters. I love them because they all hold something from nature.
Another glimpse of the table centerpiece.
Love. love bottle brush trees and this one came home from the antique mall.
I sat it in a favorite teacup and there is seems to be happy.
Can you spot the Christmas gnome? Every year he pops up in a different place in the house. This year he is sitting in a bowl of antique tea silver pieces on my tea cart.
So far my family hasn't noticed him sitting there. Ha! My "live-in gardener" thinks he is a bit silly, but I like him visiting every year.
My office needed a touch of the red and green, so another rose and greens sits here in front of my chalk board. The chalk board is gathering words to think on for each and every day and soon I will pick a new word for 2021.
Now we have moved to the living room mantle. This year above the village I placed greens and at night there are small twinkling lights shining in the greens. I do enjoy the little village most of all.
Some years ago my son did this illustration for me and of course it must come out every Christmas.
More flowers and greens, plus candles on the table.
Santas and snowmen sit on top of the book shelves.
Even out our window the hummingbird enjoys a little Christmas cheer.
And finally our little faux tree sits packed full of Christmas joy.
Hope you enjoyed a visit to my Christmas house.
The packages are wrapped and now under the tree.
Baking is yet to happen here, plus just a little Christmas adventures and cheer to come.

Have a delightful weekend, dear friends!
May it be full of Christmas cheer, even if it is just a moment of quiet meditation over a cup of tea.


Red Rose Alley said...

Marilyn, I so enjoyed seeing Christmas around your home. Where do I start? Your pictures are magical to me. Well, I'll start with the red roses....beautiful. I loved the gold tea cup with the bottle brush tree. That is so pretty. I think I'd use that tea cup every day haha. I'd love to see the twinkling lights at night shine on the greens above the village. That's so special that you kept your son's illustration all these years. I just came across a glittery Christmas tree that my son made when he was little. Those are the best treasures of all. Your white tray with the red roses is so lovely. And the Santa's and Snowmen above the book shelf is charming And Oh, that hummingbird at the feeder with the Christmas lights. That photo made my heart sing. Your Christmas tree is so pretty, and it looks like it has a lot of vintage ornaments on there. Your home is wonderful for the Christmas season, Marilyn, and thank you for sharing a bit of it with us. I enjoyed seeing it all. : )


Mary said...

Such lovely decorations all around your pretty home Marilyn. Each year as we pull them out brings back so many memories of old Christmas holidays. . . . . some sad but most quite special thankfully!
Love your collection of Santas and snowmen.

Fancy catching a hummingbird in the Christmas lights, beautiful!

Mary X

Jeanie said...

Marilyn, it is just beautiful. I love your real greens and the technique of hanging them above the mantle. I'm a sucker for bottle brush trees, too, so of course that got to me, and your Santas. Loved the art your son did, the banner and bookshelves and all those glorious greens arrangements. Oh, I love it all. And your tree is simply magical! Merriest!

mamasmercantile said...

It all looks so beautiful. The afternoon tea and the centre wreath looked stunning and so tasty. The joy of having a family tea is second to none.

Unknown said...

Beautiful home and lovely things
Merry Christmas sweet friend.
Love Jeanne

Adrienne said...

I'm catching up - again! So glad I sat down today with visiting you in mind. I LOVE seeing your home, especially at Christmastime. It reminds me of the time I was in your home during the holiday season. I've never forgotten how much I enjoyed being in your home with you and your decorations. You inspire me, my friend. I've kept my decorating quite simple but you almost tempt me to dig out more! Happy holiday season to you.

Linda P said...

Thank you for inviting us into your lovely home. You've decorated beautifully for the season. Your talent for display is evident. I hope your tea talk goes well today and you have a week of peace and joy.