Monday, December 28, 2020

Word for the Day - 2020

 Can you believe it?

We have come to the last Monday of 2020.

Today I thought I would share my word for 2021, but this morning another word popped into my vision.


"joyfully unrestrained" 

"display of something in abundance" 

Flowers always feel "exuberant" to me.

I feel such "exuberance" at seeing the year of 2020 come to an end and such unrestrained joy at looking forward to 2021. There is hope in my heart for a year of laughter and dancing, of new adventures and maybe even a bit of silliness.

Are you looking forward to a vaccination for the corona virus?

Are you looking forward to hugs?

Are you looking forward to new adventures? 

For now I am lighting a candle and sending a prayer for the new year.

May it be filled with joyful exuberance.

Yes, I do have a word for 2021 and will share it on Friday.

Because I love sharing words and quotes with you on Monday's next year will be 

A Word for the Week.  It will either be a single word or a quote.

Sending love and a smile as we come to the end of 2020.

How would you picture exuberant?


Unknown said...

A beautiful word indeed.
Much love always

Jeanie said...

I think Exuberant is a grand word of the week. I know we'll be thrilled to see this year end on Friday!

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh, I'm glad you are going to continue with your "word of the week" posts. And even a quote is so nice too, Marilyn. These words are special.

love you too.


Linda P said...

Delightful photos Marilyn. I look forward to your words and pictures in the new year. They are always interesting and insightful. All the best to you and your family in the coming days of 2021.

Angie (Dash & Bloom) said...

Your post made me smile. I am looking forward to that feeling of not being worried about going out. I miss freedom without fear and I miss feeling safe outside of home. And that is the prayer I will send into the universe on NYE-- a prayer for freedom and safety. Happy New Year!

Laura said...

happy new year!
love, kisses & magical wishes...

Lorrie said...

I love that word. Exuberance, to me, is the way I see my grandchildren approach life - unrestrained joy, enthusiasm, and vitality! Happy New Year, Marilyn.