Monday, December 21, 2020

My Word for 2020

 I thought "light" would be an easy word. Afterall I just wanted to pay attention to the light around me as I snapped a picture and shared with a friend. But darkness surrounded me. Political and pandemic was all I was hearing.


Sometimes I had to really search to find it.

From the dictionary:

light - the natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible.
"the light of the sun"  Illuminates

This morning as I reflected on light this winter solstice day the light suddenly appeared through the clouds and I could smile with the light shining for me. I walked in the garden to take the pictures I am sharing today, it was just in the reflecting on the water drops sitting there that I found the light.
I wrote in my journal about losing trust this year with our countries leadership and the pandemic too. It has been difficult to focus on the light within me.
In my writing I was reminded of the children's song "This Little Light of Mine". Had I been hiding my light this year and letting outside influences almost blow it out?
As I reflected and noticed the clouds open up to light I thought how light shows us the way. The glow touches our heart. With the glow of the light we can breathe, laugh, sing, dance, and let the tears flow. It feels safe and tender, like warm woolen mittens on a cold winter day.
This year for Christmas I gave warm, fuzzy socks to special women in my life. They weren't anything fancy or even expensive, but to me they signified warmth, safety, comfort, and love. I bought myself some too. In wearing them I feel cared for and gently loved.
The light shines, warm cozy socks on my toes and I can learn to trust again,
always noticing the light where it shines even if it is only a glimmer.
Let the light shine in your heart this Christmas week.
Sending love and light!



Jeanie said...

I think all of us are having a little trouble trying to find our light, Marilyn. You are not alone. But I also believe you will find it. Tonight is the solstice. The days will be longer (incrementally, but I'll take it!). And there is light in the new year. Light on the Christmas trees and candles. Light in your heart.

Anonymous said...

How poignant! I thoroughly enjoyed your writing today, as well as the wonderful photographs!
Merry Christmas! Susan

Red Rose Alley said...

A perfect word for Christmas, Marilyn. I think fuzzy socks are just the right gift for the women in your life. We all love comfy, cozy socks and I was just telling my son that I need to get some, as mine are all thin. Merry Christmas Marilyn, and may peace and joy be with you all through the years.


Unknown said...

May all of your days be full of love and light
Merry Christmas
Love Jeanne