Monday, January 30, 2023

Word Magic

The word this week is SYMBOLS

Symbols surround us everywhere we go. Even in our own cupboards and closets there are symbols that tell us something. What do the signs tell us as we drive down the street?
When I was out driving and see a sign with circle and arrow with a X through it tells me to not drive that direction.  The red STOP sign indicates I must stop. And then there is an arrow showing me which way to turn. The "P" tells me I can park there.

Looking on products we find the square with squiggly lines that can give us all kinds of information. The straight bar lines also have a job to do.
Just looking in my cupboard and seeing a large cat on a bag tells me what is in the bag is  for my cat. So even a picture tells us a story and becomes a symbol.

 Colors tell a story too. I remember as a young girl people telling me that black stood for sin and white was purity and clean. Red was for love.

Doves stand for peace.

A logo or trade mark such as Nike swoosh on my very dirty walking shoes. Just seeing that swoosh I know it is Nike.

A picture of Mary and Baby Jesus has religious significance and often called an Icon. So again a picture becomes a symbol and a story, it is telling us something.

Happy Monday!

What other symbols can you think of?



Jeanie said...

Skulls and crossbones come to mind! And all those stupid emojis. It makes me wonder -- are we dumbing ourselves down? Removing ourselves from interaction? Especially with emojis -- is a "like" or a "huge" or a "love" enough or is it a shortcut so we can move on and not interact personally. And why am I so philosophical before my caffeine has kicked in! And interesting post and good food for thought. Symbols are shortcuts and often useful. But sometiems -- too much.

Red Rose Alley said...

Yes, so many symbols in the world. I appreciate the ones when driving, and they sometimes get me to my destination. I like your little red heart, Marilyn, and happy February days to you.