Thursday, October 13, 2016

Bloedel Home

 Walking out of the woods I found this beautiful home sitting with a view of the bay.
 Once again it was Autumn and pumpkins adorned the front just beautifully.
 Stepping inside I was drawn to the back window and the bay.
 The dining table was adorned with this beautiful swan.
Artwork hung on the walls, but I chose to not photograph them because
they were the property of the artist and for sale.
 Nearby was the library.
I could just envision sitting here for the afternoon,
sipping tea and reading beautiful poetry.
 The rosy color of the furniture in the living room did sing to my heart.
There were magnificent views from every window.

 The chandelier hanging above would sparkle in the
morning light.

Bloedel Reserve just spoke to my heart.
It was developed and displayed with such class and elegance.
Each volunteer I chatted with just emitted such love for the place,
I wanted to stay forever.
 It felt like a little bit of heaven.


Joy said...

How lovely! I'm glad you could visit it.

Jeanie said...

Oh Marilyn, what a treat to come upon this beautifully appointed home after your walk. It's very "liveable"isn't it? And lovely in every way.