Friday, October 21, 2016

You are Brave!

Photo taken today of a "brave" woman.

Someone recently said to me "you are brave".
It took my breath away.
Me, brave?
I didn't think so.
Women I consider brave are those that care for an ailing spouse
or child and still have a smile on their face.
Or those that struggle to put food on the table for their family.
Or that suffer through debilitating illnesses.
Now those women are brave.
Me, I am just a woman trying to live life passionately
and have a smile on my face each day.

How do we live passionately with a smile on our face?

1.  Frame of mind.  Surround yourself with what makes your heart sing.
Stop at a flower shop or even among the flowers at the market,
just take in the beauty for a few moments.
Light a candle, sip a bracing cup of something warm.

2. Journaling.  How do you journal or do you journal.
The journal could be just making a collage from pictures from a magazine
if writing isn't what comforts you.

3. Play.  Dress up, go for a walk, dance in a tutu. Find opportunities to laugh.

4. Pray.  Silence is sometimes a prayer.  How do we pray?
How do we tie our dreams together and bundle them with a prayer,
then move forward?

Some thoughts that I wrote down sometime ago and came across this week.
A good reminder to myself and I hope maybe something will
be of help for you.

Happy Weekend, dear friends!


Laura said...

Thank you for the reminders of how to keep smiling.

Jeanie said...

Wonderful reminders and oh, such good thoughts. But don't ever, ever sell yourself short on being brave. We all are braver than we know -- and so are you.

Rosemary said...

Not only brave, but wise.

Lorrie said...

Beautiful words, Marilyn. Bravery has a million different looks. I think every woman is brave - it takes bravery to love and to live intentionally.

Linda P said...

A lovely photo which has made me smile. You have listed some helpful suggestions for living life in a positive way. I haven't anything profound to say about bravery except I admire others who are. I've seen adults and children recently whilst I've been in hospital who are much worse off than myself. That's a sobering thought. I believe that when times are very difficult most of us get through those days. I pray that everyone also has the support of others and the inner strength to get through the tough times. Thank you for your friendship across the miles and your prayers. Wishing you and your husband a good week.