Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hurricane Ridge, Washington State

Driving along the Highway 101 we passed through a small Indian village.
With a brief stop we enjoyed seeing the totems and found a carver working.
The autumn view was beautiful.
If you look closely you might see the heron sitting in the water.
Then we stopped to say hello to Chloe at the Happy Valley Alpaca Farm.
I just loved having a conversation with the alpaca
and enjoying their sweet faces.
Heading up the mountain to Hurricane Ridge.
This is a National Park I have wanted to visit for a long time.
Finally the cold, windy day arrived.

The crow was gliding in the wind, not having to do much at all.
He held his wings out and just let the wind do the work.

What majestic mountains!
Most of the mountains in the Pacific Northwest are formed
from active volcanoes; so I was surprised these mountains
were formed from glaciers.
The ice caused the mountains to shift and rise and form a jagged
serrated range.  Quite spectacular and so different than what we normally see.

There were many deer along the road,
so driving was taken cautiously.

This year the National Park Service celebrates 100 years.
As part of that celebration in the next year I hope to visit some of the parks.
Hurricane Ridge was a beginning, but not the last of the parks I plan to visit.

Hurricane Ridge is the most easily accessed mountain area in this National Park.
At 5,242 feet, it is located 17 miles up a gently winding road from Port Angeles.
I would love to visit again in the Spring, as I have heard and seen photographs
of the wildflowers here.  It is part of the Olympic National Park.

Welcome to Hurricane Ridge!  I hope one day you can visit here.


Jeanie said...

These are fabulous photos Marilyn. The totems are fascinating, the scenery is stunning and oh, how I love those sweet alpaca faces! They're just wonderful. Looks like a fabulous trip.

martea said...

thanks for sharing the beauty of this area, Marilyn. It is spectacular scenery.

Rosemary said...

Such fabulous sweeping vistas!

Lorrie said...

Wonderful photos, Marilyn. We can see the mountains from Victoria and I keep saying that I want to go there. This past summer our son biked up Hurricane Ridge. I think he's crazy. But he had a good time, especially on the way down!

Adrienne said...

What a wonderful trip! Someday we plan to visit Hurricane Ridge when we are free to do a tour of National Parks. We may take a short trip to see some close to home before we take a 'bigger' trip. Your photos excite me.