Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tea Pourer In Training

 My grandson came for a visit a few days ago.
He had been asking me to learn to make tea.
Why you might ask is there a cookie cutter there,
well he chose that for our decoration.
 He is learning to pour quite nicely.
There was one cup for D and one for me.
 He says he wants to go with me to my tea group.
There will be more practicing.
Probably more sipping and nibbling yet to come.
 Those grapes were his choice for a snack with the tea.
 He is learning to be a tea pourer for sure.
Very little was spilled.
Then he said he was tired.
Oh that pouring of tea does tire one so.
 A little more tea and then time to play.
For a four year old he did very well.
We will be pouring more tea on another day.
In our cups was Post Alley Cappuccino,
a flavored Rooibos from Perennial Tea Room in Seattle.
Rooibos herbal teas seem to work well for the little ones
and he was quite delighted with the flavor.

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Rosemary said...

Well he is just adorable!

Linda P said...

What a delight to have your grandson spend time with you! He's so sweet and your description of taking tea together with the photos is heart warming. The teas sound wonderful.

Jeanie said...

Exhausting work, that tea pouring! But what a wonderful tea companion. And I love your apprentice. Don't think he'll be fired soon. It's just delightful to see how engaged he is in the idea of tea and the relationship you are building with him on this. It's so very, very special. I'm a little envious you live close enough that you can have this partnership!

Bernideen said...

the cute little pourer feel asleep! So darling!

Adrienne said...

I loved seeing your apprentice tea pourer. He's learning from the best possible teacher. There's nothing like a grandma for training in things to be learned.