Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Roses from the Garden

"A rose was one of the few flowers, he said, that looked better
picked than growing.  A bowl of roses in a drawing-room had a
depth of colour and scent they had not possessed in the open.
There was something rather blowsy about roses in full bloom,
something shallow and raucous, like women with untidy hair.
In the house they became mysterious and subtle."
~Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier

The images of those words and the pitcher of roses from my garden
just made my heart happy.
The sun is shining this morning outside my office window
and that also makes my heart happy.
Oh for the sunshine of Autumn, it sings to my soul.

Notice what you notice and go out and find what makes your heart happy.


Rosemary said...

Such a beautiful bouquet of sweet roses. The growing season has been kind to you!

Lorrie said...

Beautiful roses and a lovely bouquet. Autumn roses are precious.

Jeanie said...

That's a wonderful quote by duMaurier and I agree completely. The vase is fabulous -- it looks perfect with the flowers and I can see how it would have such a lot of purposes.