Monday, October 24, 2016

Notes from the Garden

Haiku written as I thought of the gifts in my garden last night.
Yesterday my "live-in gardener" was down on his knees planting crocus.
Yes, it is that time of year.  I asked him where he got the bulbs.
A neighbor had given them to him and in the garden they went.
The pink azalea was a gift from one of my mother-in-laws friends
at her memorial; so it reminds me of her when I see the pink blooms.
The fig tree was a house warming gift from friends.
This very unusual purple geranium was brought
home as a twig from visiting a friend's home.
Yes, I think of her each time I see the now two plants.
The delphinium was started by my aunt before she died.
Each year they come up from the ground in the very same week that she passed away.
 The calla lily's came home in a box from my sister's garden in California.
They remind me of my time growing up in California,
as we often had them in the garden.
 The daisy's came from a friend's garden.
The anemone's were a gift from a young boy in our church.
There is a small lilac in the garden from a high school friend of my husband's.
Now I am almost sure I have forgotten something here,
but doesn't friendship just add flowers in our garden and our hearts.
Full of love and memories.


martea said...

Very special, indeed.
It is fun to be in one's garden and enjoy the memories associated with each plant or tree.
I have several rose bushes gifted from friends as well as fruit trees from family. Especially loved are the plants brought from my mother's garden as they remind me of her and her love of flowers.

Jeanie said...

I love how personal your garden is. It makes it more than a pretty spot but a memory place as well. That delphinium is amazing.

Linda P said...

We too have plants in our garden that were gifts and bring back happy memories of a special occasion and the person who gave them to us. Others have been grown from twigs brought back from Italy and our travels. Also a rose dug up from my mother's garden and is a lovely memorial. In turn these roses and the fig can be found in all our children's gardens as my husband gives them as gifts. As you know, gardens bring us joy in this way.